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Category: Case Results

Favorable Defense Verdict

Rissman attorneys Aaron Eagan, Kara Graham and TJ Monaghan recently obtained a favorable verdict following a four-day trial in Orange County.

The case stemmed out of rear-end collision where the plaintiff claimed she suffered neck, back and foot injuries. The defendant driver admitted negligence prior to trial.

Following the accident, the plaintiff treated for several months for low back pain, as well as chiropractic care for her back and treatment for left foot neuropathy leading to an eventual fracture. Plaintiff was further recommended for a cervical fusion. By the time she completed treatment, she had amassed over 240 medical visits.

During trial, the defense focused on the plaintiff’s failure to disclose neck and back treatment preceding the accident, as well as MRI reports which were negative for acute pathology. While the plaintiff requested a multi-million dollar damages award, the jury gave her less than $100,000 after deliberating for 3 hours.


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