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Workers’ Compensation Defense

We are the premier workers’ compensation firm in Florida. Our team is regularly involved in defending the most complex of cases from investigation to resolution. We deliver results our clients rely on for their success, and no one resolves cases as promptly as we do.


Proven Success.

As Florida’s foremost workers’ compensation firm, we handle high-volume challenging claims for clients, including insurance companies, large TPAs, and employers large and small. We’ve built our success over decades of solving complex workers’ compensation issues, delivering our clients steadfast partnership and significant value along the way.

We’re not a jack-of-all-trades firm; rather, we leverage our decades of experience in handling workers’ compensation cases so that our clients get the best results. Whatever the demand, we resolve to provide the smartest strategy and the most practical solutions to your challenges.

Our Perspective
It’s our job to mitigate your exposure and, at the end of the day, create value. When we negotiate, we do it skillfully, keeping your best interests in mind at every turn. In this key practice area, you can only a trust a firm with broad and in-depth experience with precisely these types of cases. That’s us.

Leading Expertise.

Rissman gives attorneys everything they need—from extensive real-life experience to intentional guidance from our most seasoned lawyers—to provide a strong, results-driven defense in all manner of workers’ compensation issues. We’re cross-trained in every possible type of case, and we get to know our clients personally, optimizing our ability to make your life easier and reduce your stress. We resolve to know your case, fight for you assertively, and protect your bottom line.

Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference

Every year at the annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, Rissman’s presence grows along with our reputation as a leading firm in this area of the law. Our attorneys take part in panels and workshops and share the fruits of our experience in workers’ compensation. Our knowledge is valuable, but we don’t keep it secret; we’re honored to have the opportunity to help strengthen the industry as a whole, both during the conference and every day of the year.

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