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Category: Case Results

No Warning Necessary

When it comes to personal injury law, our ability to cut through the clutter and win with the facts is unparalleled. Case in point: Rissman’s client, a comedy club, was being sued over an incident involving the injury of an improv student during a performance.

The plaintiff argued the club should have issued a warning to prevent such an incident before the performance took place. During the March 30, 2022, hearing on the motion for summary judgment, Partner Christine Zharova made a simple but effective argument: Our client did not direct the activity that led to the injury. Further, she argued that an improvisation class involving mentally competent adult students, in and of itself, did not create a foreseeable zone of risk where a student would necessarily engage in some conduct that could inadvertently harm another.

The circuit court granted our motion for summary judgment, agreeing that the defendant did not have a duty to provide a warning to its students.

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