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Category: Case Results

The Signature Says It All

Fraudulence is a very serious claim to dispute, especially when you’re our client, a reputable rental car company. In this particular case, Rissman attorneys Howard Citron and Jesse Shurman helped this company obtain a directed verdict, and establish that no fraudulent conduct took place in the matter at hand.

The plaintiff alleged that the company charged him for an optional damage waiver that he declined. As such, his complaint included a count for fraud. In response, our defense provided the court with a copy of the plaintiff’s executed rental agreement, confirming the plaintiff initialed and signed the document ratifying his consent to be personally liable for the payment of the above. The plaintiff argued that, notwithstanding his signature, he was “scammed” into purchasing the damage waiver.

Ultimately, the court granted our client’s motion for a directed verdict after the plaintiff confirmed that his signature and initials ratified his acceptance and personal responsibility for all costs associated with the damage waiver.

Ultimately, the court granted our client’s motion.

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