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Category: Case Results

A Defense Verdict in the Face of Significant Challenges

Rissman Partners Richard Mangan and Cliff Acord and Associate Skylar Stewart obtained a defense verdict in Sarasota following a 7-day medical malpractice case in a wrongful death case.

The facts of the case presented significant challenges for the defense. The 40-year-old decedent was found unresponsive in his backyard by his daughters from an apparent cardiac arrest.

The plaintiff claimed that her husband had complained of heart palpitations 15 months before his death. The plaintiff alleged the physicians over 5 visits, including a complete physical in the month before his death, failed to obtain details sufficient to determine what testing was needed, never made a diagnosis, and otherwise dropped the ball regarding his complaints.

Through evidence, we argued that the decedent’s heart issues were appropriately addressed, Furthermore, he had not complained to any physician before his death of any further issues.

The jury deliberated for 45 minutes before returning a complete defense verdict.


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