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Category: Case Results

The Significance of Numbers

Oftentimes juries are presented with numbers that at first glance, appear impossible to defeat. That’s where skill, tenacity and ability to communicate clearly the issues of a case make all the difference in the outcome of a trial. For our clients, results really matter.

In a recent trial stemming from a rear-end car accident, Rissman attorneys Jeremy Palma and Aaron Eagan were able to persuade the jury to award only the amount the plaintiff incurred for past medical expenses. That amount was based on the plaintiff’s treatment for injuries suffered in the accident. In closing, the plaintiff had requested a seven-figure damages award, based on past and future medical expenses, as well as past and future non-economic damages.

In addition to the favorable result for our client, we are also entitled to attorneys’ fees and costs due to the proposal for settlement served before trial.

Special thanks to Paula Morrel and Kara Graham for their assistance throughout trial.


Our Rissman Victories Series showcases some of the most relevant and timely examples of our expertise and highly practiced approach. We consider the interests of our clients as paramount, and take pride in delivering consistent and meaningful results time and again.

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