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Averting Liability in Vehicular Collision Matter

Eric Ochotorena and Meghan Whisenhunt

Simply put, we are trial lawyers. Our courtroom experience is second to none, because we’ve been empowered with the right opportunities and the best possible training.

In this particular recent case, Rissman attorneys Eric Ochotorena and Meghan Whisenhunt obtained a defense verdict in a six-day jury trial concerning a vehicle collision matter. 

Our client, who had a prosthetic eye (aka monocular vision), was allegedly speeding and on her cell phone when she ran through a red light and t-boned the plaintiff. She never applied her brakes before impact—but the defense disputed liability. 

The accident impact was significant, and the plaintiff allegedly suffered significant spinal injuries, resulting in the need for numerous clinical interventions and physical therapy, as well as recommendations for future surgeries. 

Although the plaintiff’s claimed past medical expenses at trial were sizable, almost none of that sum was for treatments performed under a Letter of Protection, making challenging the bills themselves problematic. The plaintiff also alleged a significant sum in future care needs. 

The plaintiff called a variety of expert witnesses, including an accident reconstructionist, traffic signal experts, a biomechanical engineer, a radiologist, a chiropractor, the treating neurosurgeon, and a life care planner. The plaintiff also called an ophthalmologist in an effort to argue our client’s vision played a role in the accident.  

In less than two hours, the jury returned a defense verdict finding no liability on our client. This was a significant win and a total team effort. 

Special thanks to Jesse Shurman, Katie Gannon, Andrea Carbone, Emily Pedone, Junior Olivera, Ivan Ayala Garcia, Natalie Minor, and Taylor Jones for helping in the preparation of this case and/or the trial itself.


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