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Balancing Various Clinical Choices Over the Course of Care

Art Young and Jennifer Hoge

The frustration of ongoing medical complexities is certainly something we recognize.

After all, we’ve all experienced that sort of thing ourselves at one point or another. And Rissman’s expert team is no stranger to the sorts of complex medical malpractice suits that can arise in these circumstances, having maneuvered hundreds of jury trials across an array of related matters.

In the case at hand, Rissman attorneys Art Young and Jennifer Hoge obtained a defense verdict in a matter concerning a podiatry practice in Brevard County, and the clinician’s allegedly negligent performance of bunion surgery.

The clinician denied the allegations, noting that the plaintiff experienced known surgical complications that occur in the absence of negligence. The defense also noted that the complications existed and were not being addressed by her subsequent treating podiatrist, who served as an expert for the plaintiff. 

The plaintiff raised a variety of other related considerations through a 15-minute voir dire, a 6-minute opening, and 2 minutes of questions of the defense expert relating to his being a prior defendant in malpractice cases and being paid for his testimony. Finally, the plaintiff’s attorney did not ask the defendant’s doctor a single question. The jury deliberated briefly before ultimately returning a defense verdict.

Special thanks to Nathan Ringer, Judy Day, Christopher Ringer, and Donna Todd for their assistance in getting this case ready for trial—and to Kendall Griesse, Rachael Metallo, Paula Morrell, and Matthew Hicks for their help in researching information about the prospective jurors during voir dire.


Our Rissman Victories Series showcases some of the most relevant and timely examples of our expertise and highly practiced approach. We consider the interests of our clients as paramount, and take pride in delivering consistent and meaningful results time and again.

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