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Category: Case Results

Proving Reasonable Safety

A slip and fall in rainy conditions–it happens all the time. After an alleged incident during which a plaintiff argued that our car dealership client breached its duty to maintain its premises in a safe condition, the dealership hired Rissman to resolve the case.

During a March 24, 2022, hearing, Partner Christine Zharova argued that the rainwater accumulation on an exterior surface of a driveway was an open and obvious condition. There was also no evidence to suggest the driveway contained any defects or any other transitory foreign substances. As such, we argued that it was properly maintained and that there was no evidence that the dealership breached its duty to maintain the driveway in a reasonably safe condition. The Court agreed, granting our motion for summary judgment.

Our experience with cases like this is second to none. No matter the circumstances, we will marshall our expertise to ensure your defense is nothing short of excellent, especially when the stakes are high.

Our experience with cases like this is second to none.

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