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Category: Case Results

Victory Prevails in Probate Litigation Case

Sharifa K. Jarrett

In a recent probate litigation case, Rissman attorney Sharifa Jarrett achieved a successful outcome for her client.

The case involved the son/Personal Representative of the Estate and an adversarial lawsuit filed by the decedent’s estranged husband. The husband contested the prenuptial agreement and sought spousal share, family allowance, and homestead protection.

After Sher deposed the husband and served a 57.105 notice, informing the opposing counsel of the firm’s litigation fees, the husband voluntarily dismissed his case and settlement demand, just before the safe harbor deadline.

This victory demonstrates the assertiveness and unyielding attitude of Sher in defending her clients’ interests. By utilizing her expertise in probate litigation, she was able to secure a favorable resolution for her client. The case highlights the importance of skilled legal representation in protecting client needs.


Our Rissman Victories Series showcases some of the most relevant and timely examples of our expertise and highly practiced approach. We consider the interests of our clients as paramount, and take pride in delivering consistent and meaningful results time and again.

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